Mystic Journey, EGO, SOUL and HEART channeled messages from your person, Twin Flame Oracle cards

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SecretBD is in the palm of your hands now with the amazing MYSTIC JOURNEY ORACLE, for twin flames and romantic connections!

This is a beautiful deck designed to get messages from the EGO, SOUL AND HEART of your person of interest. It contains light, shadows and neutral to provide an honest and precise spread. The messages of this deck where channeled from the inspiration of tarot cards and its being brought to you so that you can interpret your person’s energies very easily.

It doesn’t matter how much experience you could have with tarot cards, or if this is completely new for you, the Mystic Journey Oracle has been designed as a comprehensible deck so that it can be used by EVERYONE willing to check on their romantic connection’s energies.

This is a 54-cards deck distributed in 18 channeled EGO messages, 18 HEART channeled messages and 18 SOUL channeled messages.

If you want to take a look by yourself into what would your person like to tell you, don’t hesitate to have this deck right next to you.

Highly recommended for twin flame connections and complementing and/or clarify your readings.


The deck comes in a white box.




Enjoy this deck as much as I do.
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