Why did he ghost me? 20 min in depth video

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Do they miss me? are they better without me?

Hi, welcome to SecretBD!

This is a personalized Intuitive Tarot Reading to provide a better insight, understanding, clarity and guidance in regards to WHY DID YOUR PERSON GHOST YOU.

I will help you clear up your uncertainty and by asking to the Spirit Guides about YOUR CONNECTION AND THE FACTORS THAT CREATED THE SEPARATION BETWEEN YOU, does he/she still miss you? Are they better without you? Are they going to reach out?

I will record a YouTube private video where you can see your own spread.

Every reading is personalized, professionally edited and will be delivered within 2 business days.


This reading will include:

  1. In depth reading about the reasons why your connection was affected. Do they still miss you? Are they better without you?
  2. Oracle cards: Soul’s Journey, Wisdom, Romance Angels, Whispering Woods
  3. Channeled Love Messages from your person
  4. Letters to complement of your reading

Feel free and open to tell me about your concerns and doubts. Every reading is special and important for me and for that reason I respect the confidentiality of my clients and put all my dedication to serve you while I read the cards. I do not have a time frame for each video because I let Spirit to lead me through the reading in order to help you.

Your reading could be prepared in either english or spanish.

I do not read about health/legal issues.n

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